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September 11, 2009

Ascension Parish Real Estate - New Construction Update

Ascension Parish Real Estate Market Report

New Construction Analysis

New construction in Ascension Parish has changed in character but is recovering nicely in Ascension parish. I discuss the data leading to these conclusions in the following video presentation.

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August 19, 2009

Tri-parish New Construction Market Analysis

Tri-Parish New Construction Real Estate Market Report

Through July 2009

This post deals with new construction in the tri-parish (Ascension, East Baton Rouge, and Livingston) area. The data used for this report were extracted from the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors MLS database. Only data relating to detached single family (DSF) homes were extracted. For sales data new construction data were identified as those records having a status of New, Under Construction or Proposed Construction. Current inventory for new construction included only those records having a status of New or Under Construction.

Looking at the next three charts we can see the average selling price per square foot of living area for each of the three parishes. In 2009, new construction in Ascension parish sold for an average of $114.87/sq.ft. which is down 4.6% from 2008 where the price per square foot peaked at $120.37/sq.ft. In East Baton Rouge parish new construction sold for $130.25/sq.ft. in 2009 which is up $1.05 from sales in 2008. Livingston parish saw a modest decline in the price of new construction of $0.48/sq.ft. from a high of $105.05/sq.ft. in 2008 to $104.57/sq.ft. in 2009. A statistically negligible decline.

Ascension Parish New Construction Pricing
Ascension Parish New Construction Pricing

East Baton Rouge Parish New Construction Pricing>
East Baton Rouge Parish New Construction Pricing

Livingston Parish New Construction Pricing>
Livingston Parish New Construction Pricing

The next three charts show the new construction breakdown in each of the three parishes by subdivision.

Ascension Parish Top Selling Subdivisions

Ascension Parish Top Subdivisions

East Baton Rouge Parish Top Selling Subdivisions

East Baton Rouge Parish Top Subdivisions

Livingston Parish Top Selling Subdivisions

Livingston Parish Top Subdivisions

Looking at these three charts we can see that, while the type of home sold in the parish has shifted toward one costing less per square foot, Ascension Parish was home to three of the top five selling subdivisions in terms of unit sales. The top five subdivisions were as follows:

Parish Subdivision 2009 Unit Sales
Ascension Pecan Ridge 34
East Baton Rogue Lakes at Jamestown 33
Ascension Keystone of Galvez 26
Ascension Gateway Cove 21
Livingston Lake at Grays Creek 21

Anyone wishing to discuss this analysis in more detail or to request additional analyses are encouraged to contact me. Additionally, I welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement.

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January 26, 2008

Eagle’s Landing Update

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Ascension Parish Real Estate - Eagles Landing Update

The new Eagles Landing subdivision located off of Hwy 42 and Joe Sevario Rd. is progressing nicely. As you can see from the photos below, underground utilities and road beds are being installed and constructed now. The subdivision will feature two lakes, walking trails and a park. Security cameras are planned which will monitor cars entering and leaving the subdivision. A five-year extended warranty will be provided for each new home built in the subdivision.

Brochures and other marketing materials should be ready soon. In the meantime, anyone interested in more information can obtain the sales plat and restrictions at or call (225)413-3624.

As always, I welcome readers to visit my websites at or for real estate information about and to search for homes within the Greater Baton Rouge area. Click here to search for homes.

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